Above photo by Andrew Shirey

Help us tell the Texas Stream Team story! Texas Stream Team is a unique organization of citizen scientists, educators, professionals, and students. We volunteer our precious time to test water quality and educate others about water resources because we care for our local waterways. Every time I tell someone about Texas Stream Team, their eyes light up and they want to know more about this cool way that citizens like them are DOING something to protect our natural resources. 

Many of you go out to your assigned site every month only to get around the same results month after month – some may yawn at that, but it’s a great sign! And you had an excuse to go sit by the river! Things are steady and hopefully in good condition and YOU are contributing to a baseline of historical data for that stream segment. It only takes one pollution event to cause a fish kill, an oil sheen, sky high conductivity, or another change of a basic parameter that could go undetected for months if YOU weren’t there to observe it. We are there because of our patience and dedication to the rivers we care for.

Photo by Alexander Neal

Please send in your experiences and/or photos. Do you have an interesting monitoring experience or observation to share? Why did you join Texas Stream Team? Why did you choose your monitoring site? Have you ever discovered a pollution event through Texas Stream Team monitoring? Did your experience with Texas Stream Team inspire a career in environmental protection?

Don’t have time to jot it down? Record an audiofile! And don’t forget… pictures speak a thousand words!

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