For the past few weeks Texas Stream Team staff has been working to update the layout, reorganize, and expand the content of the Texas Stream Team website. The goal of the Texas Stream Team website overhaul is to expand on the amount and quality of the resources available to citizen scientists, trainers, and partners, as well as improve the layout and accessibility of the website. By working to increase and improve our website and resources, Texas Stream Team hopes to further engage and involve current and future Texas Stream Team participants across the state of Texas in the process of citizen science.

These updates will make it easier to access our training resources, online forms, databases, reports, and other additional resources. Texas Stream Team staff is also currently working on creating, proofreading, and publishing new material.

What has changed?

The front page of the Texas Stream Team website now includes four new icons which link to various resources, as well as an updated sidebar with links to additional information.

Visitors to the site can now access information about all Texas Stream Team trainings and programs. This includes information about the types of citizen scientist trainings offered, the current Texas Stream Team projects, and the projects being implemented by Texas Stream Team partners across the state.

Visitors can also access the Texas Stream Team Dataviewer and Datamap from the front page, which provides instructions on how to view and submit water quality data.

A database of forms and resources can now also be accessed on the Forms and Resources page via the front page of the website. This database has been extensively updated to include resources for citizen scientists, trainers, and partners. As new forms and documents are created and published, this page will be continuously updated with these resources.

The Texas Stream Team calendar (public view) has also been added to the front page for easy access to information about upcoming trainings, events, partner events, and other Texas Stream Team activities. However, if you are interested in submitting trainings and events to the Texas Stream Team calendar, please use this calendar.

On the sidebar visitors can access a new-and-improved partner and trainer database, which includes organizational and contact information. Educators can now access an updated Texas Stream Team curriculum, as well as up-to-date information about Texas Stream Team TEEAC Credit Trainings. From the sidebar visitors can also access the Texas Stream Team Community Forum and Blog, Texas Stream Team Brand Guide, the online store and donation pages, and a Contact Us page of listing of current Texas Stream Team staff and contact information.

The Texas Stream Team website layout and content update is scheduled to be completed February 29, 2020. Resources found on the Forms and Resources page will continue to be created and updated in the coming months. We hope this update will help citizen scientists, trainers, and partners better access Texas Stream Team information and material. To explore our updated website, please visit

Website Tutorial Video Coming Soon

Please keep an eye out for a website tutorial video on our home in the coming weeks.

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