Texas Stream Team has had some recent grant successes we would like to highlight:

In collaboration with our Bobcat Stream Team partner, grant funds have been awarded from Texas State‚Äôs Environmental Service Committee and the Office of Equity and Inclusion to help grow Texas Stream Team efforts within Texas State University by connecting with students, professors, increasing education and outreach events, and strengthening the Bobcat Stream Team student organization. Special thanks to Bobcat Stream Team for working to strengthen efforts within Texas State! 

In collaboration with our Matagorda Bay Foundation partner, grant funds have been awarded from The Trull Foundation to help grow Texas Stream Team efforts along the Texas coast. This will include trainings, education and outreach, as well as establishing trainers along the coast to increase our coastal efforts.

Lastly, Texas Stream Team received grant funds from San Marcos Lions Club to grow monitoring efforts within San Marcos Independent School District by increasing monitoring efforts in the classroom, offering hands-on experience to students, and increasing education and outreach events in the community. Texas Stream Team will also be using this grant to install monofilament stations in San Marcos to reduce fishing line pollution. To learn more about the dangers of fishing line and what you can do to help, check out our Monofilament Finders page. 

Aspen Navarro

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