Science Experiments

A watershed illustration from the Pollution in Our Watershed activity. Photo Credit: eGFI
A watershed illustration Photo Credit: eGFI


Groundwater detectives
Student teams locate a contaminant spill in a hypothetical site and predict the direction of groundwater. They follow steps of the engineering design process to come up with alternative treatments for the contaminated water.

Pollution in our watershed
By building a watershed with paper and markers, students will understand how pollution accumulates in our water sources, especially from pesticides used in agriculture.


A comprehensive aquatic science curriculum
A comprehensive aquatic science curriculum

Texas Aquatic Science
Learn about Texas aquatic ecosystems from headwaters to oceans

More Texas Aquatic Science 
A comprehensive aquatic science curriculum, from molecules to ecosystems, and headwaters to ocean, for middle school and high school students.

Ecology at work
Students learn how rooftop gardens help the environment and the lives of people, especially in urban areas.

Science Experiments and Lectures:

Photo credit: The Meadow Center for Water and the Environment


Raise your water IQ
An inquiry based approach to teaching middle school students about Texas water resources and how to conserve water resources for today and the future.

Water quality monitoring curriculum
Provides lessons, exercises, evaluations materials and TEKS correlations

Water and biodiversity case study based lessons
Great for 6th and 9th grade

Marine biology curriculum 
Hands-on, inquiry based lessons to support continued teaching of marine science in our partner

Cleaning-Up-Our-Act-Water-Biodiversity-Grade-6-and-9-1Marine debris
The Marine Debris STEAMSS Curriculum follow a scaffolded understanding of the issue of marine debris.

Get engaged in STEM learning activities, fields and careers
The program goal is to introduce students to the design thinking process through hands-on, interactive learning activities that foster deep content knowledge in STEM fields and those engaged in STEM careers.


Green your school. Uphaus Early Childhood Center planted a squarefoot garden with every classroom. Photo credit:
Green your school. Uphaus Early Childhood Center planted a squarefoot garden with every classroom.
Photo credit:

Be a part of the largest and oldest green school program in the world
Eco-Schools is an internationally acclaimed program that provides a framework to help educators integrate sustainability principles throughout their schools and curriculum.

Green your schoolyard
The Greening Your Schoolyard Toolkit provides in-depth guidance and resources for outdoor education and greening your schoolyard, as well as relevant research and case studies that will help you create and sustain your school’s green areas.

Schoolyard Habitat Project Guide
A planning guide for creating schoolyard habitat and outdoor classroom projects