Texas Commission on Environmental Quality silver mine of info
Page provides links to surface water quality data and data reports. From here, one can access the Surface Water Quality (Segments) Viewer as well as real-time data from continuous monitoring stations. GIS data is also available for download.

Water Weekly
Get the weekly water and drought conditions for Texas.

Texas Water Conditions and Data
This page links to maps of reservoir levels, groundwater levels, coastal water quality, and also precipitation & evaporation data. Selected reports on water conditions are also available.

Groundwater data
The groundwater database contains information on location, depth, well type, owner, driller, construction and completion data, as well as aquifer, water-level and water quality data.

Water Resources of Texas
This page has links to stream flow, water quality, and groundwater levels for USGS sites. Also, the Texas Water Dashboard can be accessed from this page. The dashboard displays real-time stream, lake, reservoir, and groundwater station data along with with current weather and hazard conditions.

Water data for Texas
Users can find site-specific data such as stream flow, water levels, water quality, and water use.

Largest Texas historical geographic data
This site accesses the largest collection of current and historical geographic data sets for Texas. Much of the data can be downloaded. Also, custom maps can be made and ordered.

San Antonio water
Water quality reports for the San Antonio Water System.

Colorado River basin water quality
Retrieve detailed water quality information for the entire Colorado River basin