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    Claudia Campos

    “What does TST mean to you?” – It’s a simple question we asked citizen scientists who were able to celebrate with us at Stream Team Fest. I couldn’t help but think all day on this –  what does TST mean to me? As I listened to our guest speakers talk about their involvement with Texas Stream Team, I was happy to hear that we all have an innate sense of responsibility to do our part in promoting environmental stewardship.

    To me, Texas Stream Team is not just a statewide environmental organization, it is a family consisting of past, present, and future citizen scientists, supportive partners, and staff. Though we may not share blood, we share a love for the environment (especially water!) and are proud to be able to contribute to the science that supports academic research, informs policy, and serves as a de facto early warning system for water quality events across Texas.

    I couldn’t help but get emotional as I listened to our guest speakers talk about TST since it’s easy to forget that we come from all walks of life and have our own reasons behind why we joined and support TST. Dave Buzan, founder of TST (formerly Texas Watch) wrote in the April 1991 issue of The Texas Water Front, “Citizens don’t just see water that belongs to the nation, or to a state, or to a town. They see a resource that is part of their own backyard, a resource that they can protect.” I am very grateful and honored to be a part of such an amazing group of people and proud that I can support the amazing work that our dedicated partners and citizen scientists have done to contribute to our mission of conserving our waters and fostering the next generation of environmental stewards.

    So, in closing, I’d like to know – what does TST mean to you?? Please use this forum to share your stories about what TST means to you.





    Ryan Spencer

    Texas Stream Team is a wonderful group of advocates and volunteers who love the creeks and streams of Texas. For me, TST was the beginning of my conservation career and showed me what is possible when volunteers come together. I LOVE THE TEXAS STREAM TEAM!



    Aspen Navarro

    There are times when unfortunately, the environment gets put on the back burner. We hear of polluted waterways, depleting aquifers and the continued increase of endangered or threatened species. When these issues reach enormity, it is hard to not feel helpless. To me, Texas Stream Team means the opportunity for concerned individuals to get involved and make a difference. It is a platform that allows individuals to understand and broadcast issues in our local environments. It is an organization that extinguishes our helplessness.


    Nick Dornak

    TST is a community connected by water.

    Rivers – Our curiosity for how the eons of geologic time have shaped them and the impacts of man’s latest attempts at trying to capture them.  Streams – From dry ditches to roaring torrents, from sparkling and spring-fed to effluent dominated conveyances, they shape and define our experiences from backyards to back-forties.  Lake and Reservoirs – Of course Texas has only one natural lake, Caddo. These resources provide the backbone of our State’s municipal water supply as well as Texans’ most common recreational experience with the natural waters of their state.  Bays and Estuaries – The health of these critical aquatic habitats is the best indicator we have for determining how well we are managing all of the above.

    Our TST community is connected by our experiences, our joys, our concerns, and above all, our desire to be engaged in protecting these waters we love for the benefit of future generations.

    Thanks to all of our 10,000+ trained Citizen Scientists!


    George Sanchez

    TST is the collaborative effort of people tackling a problem that is bigger than the daily problems we face. Despite the chaos that is going on in our individual lives, each participant has set apart time and effort to ensure that our waterways stay clean and healthy. I am glad to have become a part of this community and what it stands for,  and I am excited for what the future holds for TST.


    Laura Parchman

    Texas Stream Team means protecting our waters so that a grandparent can bring their grandchildren to the same swimming hole they swam in as a child and find it as clean and clear as they remember.


    Jenna Walker

    To me, Texas Stream Team means:

    -a community of individuals that share a common interest in the health of our precious rivers, lakes, creeks and coastline;

    -thoughtful citizens that care for the environment and answer the call to take action to protect the rivers that we love;

    -river guardians!

    I’m so honored to work with such an impressive community of people that dedicate their time and energy to be stewards of our precious waterways.


    Alexander Neal

    Texas Stream Team invaluably follows a profound legacy of water protection & conservation; coincidentally, it is an inviting and interdisciplinary public program that brings individuals in and across communities together, offering a truly unique, science- and community-based platform for service and stewardship.

    The programs within the Texas Stream Team are highly applicable for individuals of nearly every age group. This applicability creates an empowering opportunity for different age groups of all walks of life to gather, plan, coordinate, work together, and have a tremendous amount of fun. The sites and streams which each and every TST citizen scientist routinely monitor are all unique places of deep ecological, historical, and cultural importance, no matter if the body of water originates from a parking lot, cow pasture, or a “secret and occult” natural spring.

    One of the many phenomenal regional coordinators of the Texas Stream Team program got me hooked on citizen science & water quality monitoring when I was a high school kid in Dallas, definitely an experience that has greatly shaped my entire life since; and for that, TST has an incredibly significant meaning to me. Thanks Rich, thank you TST.


    Michael Jones

    Texans for Clean Water: giving back to the rivers that feed us.

    Texas is growing fast. With all of these people coming here, they have many demands on the environment. I see the Texas Stream Team as a statewide network of local watershed watch groups who are working together to help care for our waters. I think of all of these dedicated citizen scientists armed with secchis and titrators and imagine them traveling to streams that usually do not receive a lot of attention. I imagine the experiences they feel, returning to nature. These citizen scientists  return to the same locations and make sure that we provide enough information about water quality to help protect these resources and benefits for all to enjoy. Texas Stream Team offers a way out of the city, it directly engages the community in the process of science and discovery. Filling out Texas Stream Team environmental monitoring forms gives us a sense of community and place. I believe that Texas Stream Team has the ability to reach many different types of people and encourage co-operative group sharing and opportunities for a new generation to work towards a common goal.




    Devan Green

    Texas Stream Team gives the average citizen the tools and knowledge to be stewards of their local waterways. Providing critical data supports conservation efforts while instilling a sense of pride and responsibility for one’s surrounding natural areas. TST provides the opportunity to be actively involved and really make a difference within communities.

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