The Texas Stream Team Community Forum

Texas Stream Team’s 28th anniversary equates to hundreds (if not thousands!) of years served collectively by our amazing citizen scientists, partners and staff.  We would like to establish a place for you to share your valuable knowledge and experiences with others online. 

This Community Forum website will provide a place for you to share valuable knowledge and experiences with each other online by posting questions, sharing stories, photos and best practices, submitting wish lists, publicizing events, providing feedback and brainstorming with others. The main goal of the Community Forum is to strengthen the Texas Stream Team community across the state and to harness the knowledge and valuable experience that many Stream Team participants have gained over the past 28 years. 


About Texas Stream Team

Texas Stream Team at The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment is dedicated to understanding and protecting the 191,000 miles of Texas waterways. We bring together community members, students, educators, academic researchers, environmental professionals, and both public and private sector partners to conduct scientific research and to promote environmental stewardship.
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